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Pour vous inscrire, contactez-nous et nous vous ferons parvenir le formulaire.

***The Jeudis Centre-ville (Downtown Thursdays) are back!

If you sign in, you get:

  • A banner to attract visitors to your store, every Thursday, from June 21st to July 26 inclusively.
  •  Authorization to take your merchandise out every Thursday during this period.
  • Local craftsmen, music, food trucks, creating a very dynamic atmosphere
  • 2 sidewalk sales, one with a country theme on the 5th of July, on the occasion of Cowansville’s Country-retro Festival.
  • The July 5th sidewalk sale will be announced at Cowansville’s Country-retro festival (10 000 copies).
  • Publicity on radio, papers and Facebook.

Please contact Angèle Michelin at 450-266-1665, ext. 222 for more information, or to fill out the registration form.